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Alumni Spotlight

Carlisa Morris Brown graduated from Chamberlain College of Nursing on March 3, 2012, completing one incredible journey and starting another. Carlisa surmounted overwhelming odds in the many faces of adversity: abused and abandoned as a child, growing up without parents, suffering traumas & indignities in a foster system, subjected to motherhood at the age of 14, and raising five children in frequent homelessness. Through it all, she not only endured, but found a ways to excel, minister to others, raise a strong family, and become the exceptional Registered Nurse that she is today.

Carlisa graduated from high school, completed an LPN program, and was searching for a nursing school when she saw the Chamberlain billboard. Carlisa said, “I knew it was meant to be because everything flowed smoothly, and I was on my way to becoming a BSN. I feel like I have so many guardian angels because I have connected to many great instructors and friends. Family was never very supportive, but God gave me another family. This is when I developed a solid plan and failure was not an option.”

Even at this point the story becomes unfathomable. Cheerfully, she overcame homelessness, kept her family together, managed the lives and schooling of her five children, and excelled in her Chamberlain BSN classes. She became a peer tutor, leader in her class, developer of an academic success guide for others, and the creator of an exceptional Community Nursing Course project which took on a life of its own—Carlisa became a mentor for teen mothers at a local school, partnered with the Teen Pregnancy Taskforce and Healthy Start programs, became a spokeswoman for teen parents on the local news, and created a dynamic impact which sustained the initiative after her graduation.

She graduated from Chamberlain in March 2012 and continued to overcome the odds. As a new nurse, she obtained a specialty certification in Medical-Surgical Nursing, became a progressive care unit preceptor, was elected Vice President of the Chamberlain College of Nursing Alumni Association, and is enrolled in the graduate Nurse Practitioner Program at Chamberlain College of Nursing. Then on March 2, 2014, Carlisa gave birth prematurely to her sixth child, baby Carmen, who weighed in at just 1½ pounds. She and the baby are doing well.

Carlisa Brown is the model for self-sacrifice & self-discipline, overcoming so many barriers with vision, passion, and a positivity of the heart that is unmatched. She chose Chamberlain because she said “it was meant to be”.